15 Car Hacks for Your (Next) Ride

Whether you’re considering buying a new car, just bought one, or are in the mood to give your current ride a few hackworthy upgrades, this post is for you. It turns out there are quite a few things you can do to make your car life run more smoothly, from cleaning headlights with toothpaste to... Continue Reading →

Move Over Pavement

[responsive_youtube qlTA3rnpgzU] Ideas can move mountains, and Solar Roadways just might be one of them. The idea is to replace roads with solar panels, and it is not new. However, recently a small start up has created a convincing case, and its crowd funding campaign has gone viral. Aside from the solar technology, road panels... Continue Reading →

Survey Says: Plug-in Hybrids Take the Lead

Diesels? Hybrids? Electric Cars?  It’s a constant debate-- which route to go in when purchasing a new vehicle. We see them on the road, and of course, there are plenty of marketing stories, fabricated by OEM’s, enthusiasts, and the like, to make us think one is better than the other.  But what do consumers want?... Continue Reading →

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