My First Car

First cars are wonderfully awful – they creak, rumble and break down at least once a week. But despite all that, everyone speaks wistfully about their first car. The TRED team look back on their first loves... TJ’s Badass 1965 Ford Galaxie Limited with a 352 Small Block and a "Dynaglide" 4 Speed Automatic Our... Continue Reading →

Top Car Games for Holiday Travel

What comes to mind when you hear "family road trip"? Nightmare? The whine of “Are we there yet?” every five minutes from the backseat? Five hours of I Spy? Fortunately, there IS a way to turn your road trip into a fun experience this holiday season. Not convinced? Bring on the car games! Free Car Games: Let’s... Continue Reading →

Out and About: Seattle Scenic Drives

It’s not always all about the destination. Sure, Seattle’s a great city with a ton of stuff to do, but take a look at this and you’ll see there’s a lot to appreciate within easy driving distance. Seattle to Portland Why not take a treat yourself to a staycation and spend some time in these... Continue Reading →

Puget Sound’s Best Driving Loops

Sure, the city life is exciting - always filling up with new shops and restaurants that seem to pop up every week. You can never go wrong with grabbing drinks on Capitol Hill or picking up a Pike Place bouquet for mom. Since it's so easy to fall in love with Seattle proper, Seattle's surrounding natural wonders... Continue Reading →

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