Play Outside: Trucks for All Weather

Springtime equals sun, warm breezes, and blue skies, right? Or is it more a case of rain, mist and grey cloud? When it comes to spring in Seattle, it’s definitely a case of both. The chances are, you’ll have a range of activities planned this spring. After a long, cold winter, most of us can’t... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Parking Personality?

Are you a perfect parker? Or more of a “Meh, that’ll do... they can drive around me” type? Take our quiz to find out!   There’s absolutely nowhere to park, except that space which probably isn’t a space... Do you:  a)      Drive right in: it’s a space, why on earth hasn’t it been snapped up?... Continue Reading →

Why Washington Loves Their Subarus

Subaru’s sales in the auto market have been sky rocketing for some time now, but let’s take a look at why they’re clearly Seattle’s favorite. For a make that has no minivan or truck and still surpasses many of its competitors, there are definitely some staple characteristics that keep everyone satisfied.  Along with not having a luxury model or... Continue Reading →

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