Top 8 Cars for Dogs

We get it - your pup is part of your family and even sleeps in the same bed with you. Don't you believe he/she deserves just as much comfort as you do when it comes to traveling? According to the Humane Society, 78.2 million people are dog owners. In light of these numbers, keeping your canine... Continue Reading →

Move Over Pavement

[responsive_youtube qlTA3rnpgzU] Ideas can move mountains, and Solar Roadways just might be one of them. The idea is to replace roads with solar panels, and it is not new. However, recently a small start up has created a convincing case, and its crowd funding campaign has gone viral. Aside from the solar technology, road panels... Continue Reading →

5 Cars For Moms Who Despise Minivans

Minivans, also known as people-movers, are smaller vans with a box-type design intended for maximum interior volume.  That being said, they're often associated with "moms" as they are practical for transporting kids, carseats, and other family members.  The design, however, is up for debate. For those moms out there who are looking for practicality but... Continue Reading →

Why Washington Loves Their Subarus

Subaru’s sales in the auto market have been sky rocketing for some time now, but let’s take a look at why they’re clearly Seattle’s favorite. For a make that has no minivan or truck and still surpasses many of its competitors, there are definitely some staple characteristics that keep everyone satisfied.  Along with not having a luxury model or... Continue Reading →

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