The 10 Most Annoying Things About New Cars

Brand new cars are great. That new car smell. The bright shiny paintwork. Looking at the odometer and seeing a big fat zero. But it’s not all a bed of roses. These things can really grind your gears if you splash out and buy new…

1. If something minor needs fixed, you can’t do it yourself.

The electronics in new cars are just too complicated for average Joes like you and I to fix glitches. Anyone who does ‘have a go’ ends up causing more damage and is hit with an even bigger bill.

2. Teething problems.

Some new cars run like a dream from the moment they leave the showroom. Others seem to spend more time back at the garage getting fixed. Yes, it’s covered under the warranty, but when you paid all that money for a new car, it’s not what you had in mind.

3. The backup cameras make you feel like a 90-year-old with cataracts.

Yes, you can turn round and look, but then what’s the point of having a camera? Higher resolution please, car designers!

4. Touchscreen displays that aren’t responsive.

These make simple tasks like changing the radio station not only impossible, but dangerous.  Rather than focusing on the road, you’re concentrating on that pesky screen.

5. Integrated route finders that aren’t passenger-friendly.

As well as the issues caused by screens that aren’t responsive (see above), they have been programmed to lock while the car is in motion. Of course, we’re all for safety here at TRED, and wouldn’t ever suggest that drivers should operate integrated route finders while driving, but what about the front-seat passenger?

Annoying new car issues

6. Static steering columns that are designed for the ‘average man’.

Whoever that is! If you don’t fit this description, be prepared to spend a lot of time adjusting various parts of the car to try and get comfortable.

7. USB ports that are hard to access.

Why not put them in a location where you can plug in easily without twisting the notoriously delicate charger lead?

8. Stop-start systems that don’t start.

This is something of a problem, I’m sure you’ll agree. Any feature that improves fuel economy is a huge advantage to drivers and the environment, but the car does need to start when you need it to! These need to be more reliable.

9. Voice controlled systems that make you talk like a robot, then still don’t work.

Whoever programmed these sure doesn’t talk like any person I’ve ever met. But look at the upside: after enduring the laughter of other passengers while shouting, “ENGAGE HEATED SEATS” five times, at least you’ll all be warmed up from amusement or rage, depending on your role in proceedings.

10. Endless requests for feedback from the salesperson.

When you’ve bought your new car, you want to enjoy it and get on with life. But then you’re bombarded with requests for feedback about the vehicle, the salesperson, the buying process and the showroom. If you don’t have time to fill out the questionnaires, they’ll keep contacting you with phone calls, emails and texts until you decide life’s too short and fill them in.

Annoying new car issues

Phew, that was cleansing! Get your auto annoyances off your chest and share with us on Twitter and Facebook!

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