The Perfect Seattle Test Drive

Here at Tred, Test drives are our business, and luckily, they’re the best part of car shopping. Think about it – you get to drive any brand new car you want, play with technology that you’re not obligated to buy, and ruthlessly rule out cars that don’t fit every aspect of your life. But, not all test drives are created equal. In fact, we find that the best test drives incorporate¬†a variety of roads and speeds. So instead of asking your Tred Expert where to go (which happens all the time!),¬†we recommend planning a consistent route that incorporates a variety of road types, that includes a portion of your regular commute, and that creates a consistent baseline for comparison for each of the cars you test drive.

Here’s a route that we planned from our Capitol Hill office. It incorporates a stretch of highway driving, twisty roads, inclines, declines, cobblestone bumps, and several parking scenarios – all in fewer than 10 miles. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the perfect test drive.


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