The TRED Next Contest

We receive a lot of calls and emails from shoppers across the country pleading for help with their upcoming car purchases. We give them the same lame spiel: “Sorry, unless you live near Seattle, we can’t help you out quite yet. But we’ll let you know when we’re ready to expand to Montauk/Mission/Malibu.”¬†After talking internally about these out of market shopper interactions, we started to wonder how many people have signed up for TRED from outside of Seattle, which brands they’re interested in test driving, and where they’re coming from. We also talk internally about which city we should launch TRED in next. Well, a couple weeks ago a collective lightbulb went off at TRED HQ.

You, the car shopper, will decide which city we enter next (dealers are allowed to vote Рthey call us frequently too). Want us in your town? Visit the TRED Next Contest page and cast your vote. You can also follow along to see which cities are winning, and which brands various metro populations are most interested in test driving. The front runners are New York (BMW), San Francisco (Audi) and Los Angeles (Toyota). Will test drive radios be humming Jay-Z, Too Short, Tupac, or someone else? The suspension is killing us!

Later this year, we’ll let you know where we’re heading next.

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