The Very Best of 2015

What a year it’s been! Anyone involved or interested in the car world has been treated to exciting new vehicles, amazing car commercials, and riveting car news over the past 12 months. And of course, we’ve had a rollercoaster of a year in TRED – it’s been another year of happy customers, new developments and reaching some truly amazing milestones. Read on for our top moments of 2015!

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Car Commercials

Let’s start with something we’ve all loved this year – car commercials. We’ve laughed, cried and been green with envy. What have your top moments been?

Nissan 2015 Super Bowl Commercial – “With Dad”. Many parents (or parents-to-be) would have been observed wiping away a tear when this was broadcast. As well as tugging at the heartstrings, it had some seriously great driving.

BMW i3 – “Newfangled Idea”. Remember when the internet was new? When we didn’t know how to send an email? This commercial shows just how far we’ve come.  Watch this space for the exciting developments that are sure to come in 2016!

Close To Home – “It Can Wait”. When it comes to promoting car safety to drivers – young and old – this commercial is king. It’s so tempting to quickly check a message, but this advert highlights why that’s never a good thing to do. This is well worth watching again.

America Start Your Engines was a hot topic during the year and has had over six million views on You Tube. “We the people have gotten soft and all the likes in the world aren’t going to save us now,” warns Nick Offerman. Whatever you think of the commercial itself or Nascar, you have to admit the call to action is powerful.

Priority Motorsports (Get Out Yo Whip and Nae Nae). This old school car dealer commercial went viral thanks to the, erm, enthusiastic dance routine.  If you missed it on news stations across the country, Nickelodeon, or the Ellen Show (Hillary Clinton does a mean Nae Nae!), check out Jeff from Priority Motorsports right now!

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Car Industry Developments

This has truly been the year of the electric vehicle. There have been so many positive developments in the industry over such a short space of time that we salute the designers and engineers! EV drivers can get from A to B (and onwards to C, D and even E) in style and comfort, without worrying about gas bills. These are our top electric cars of 2015:

The Chevy Spark EV has been one of the stars of the year. Good electric range, fuel efficiency, and a very low monthly lease ($139 a month) make this one of our favorites.

2015 BMW i3 is for EV shoppers that want a sporty car with a lot of luxury, oodles of practicality, a few surprises, and a dash of flamboyance. That’s us all over!

2015 Lexus GS Hybrid. This EV should be a byword for luxury, speed, and fuel economy. It’s not surprising it’s on our Christmas wish list!

Tesla Model X. Possibly the most anticipated car of the decade, we’re still waiting for this one… Due during the second half of 2016, we’re already counting down the days!

It used to be the case that only luxury cars were guaranteed to be reliable. Not so much anymore. This year in particular, the mass market has demonstrated that it is capable of producing high-quality vehicles that are dependable and fun to drive. It’s not surprising that many customers have been rethinking their long-held loyalties to particular brands and exploring other cars.

We’ve also seen a change in high-end infotainment systems. These systems are being increasingly regarded as standard, rather than something only luxury brands offer. This year, it’s not been a case of mass market versus luxury, rather, “I know what I want, and I know someone will offer it at a good price.” As a result of the increase in technology that car owners expect in their vehicles, brands will have to work harder and smarter to keep enhancing their offerings in the future. Prepare for partnerships between car manufacturers and software houses, and for in-car tech to get even more exciting!

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Car Industry News

Ride sharing has hardly been out of the news. The expansion of Uber and Lyft through the States and the rest of the world has been fascinating to watch. And it’s not just expansion, the companies are constantly evolving to offer new, better and different services. The latest news is that the next big step will be removing drivers altogether and offering self-driving vehicles. Bad news for the drivers, good news for customers, who will benefit from reduced fares. (For the lowdown on ride sharing and how you could make money from your car, check out our blog.)

One of the biggest car stories of the year was the Volkswagen emissions scandal. We’re not interested in bad news – it’s Christmas, after all! – and despite the revelations, it’s a brand that we and our customers continue to love.  As the company works on winning back trust, we’re pleased to report the good news that far fewer cars have been affected than originally thought.

Month after month, there were reports of strong car sales, even in the run-up to Christmas. Typically in November, car sales are slow as shoppers prepare for Christmas. But, in 2015, sales hit a 14-year high. The difference? Black Friday. Car dealers have become part of the discount frenzy, with zero percent financing, discounts, and cash-back. Great news for buyers!


TRED Moments

Wow, what a year it’s been for everyone in TRED HQ! TO BE CONTINUED!


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