The World’s Most Beautiful Cars

Beautiful cars turn heads, like a fashion model in NYC.  Now the folks at Yahoo autos have ranked this year’s ‘Ten Most Beautiful Cars.’  The ten jaw dropping, rubber necking, and drool educing automobiles are represented by old favorites like Lamborghini and McLaren, but there are a few surprises in store as well.


So who was in charge of deciding this years standards of beauty?  Vanity Fair’s auto expert Bent Berk, Matt Hardigee of Jalopnik (an outstanding auto blog) and Michael Prichinello, the co-founder and owner of Classic Car Club Manhattan were responsible for bringing all of us back to our poster plastered high school bedrooms.

Go take a look for yourself for the rest of the top ten.  Dream about them, picture yourself driving them, imagine how much it would cost to crash one of them.  And then tweet about all the cars you had up on posters on your wall.

I had a ’67 Camaro and a ’59 Corvette on my wall. How about you, which cars turn your head? Let us know on Twitter #tred.

59corvette-lg67 Camaro - media.motortopia


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