Top 10 Car Apps

Car apps can help drivers with just about anything. Android and Apple users have access to over 2 million applications that fall into categories from lifestyle and news, to productivity and social networking. All apps have one thing in common: they make life easier for users in some way or another. App developers, especially those that are targeted to drivers, are interested in safety in addition to utility.

These are some of the top car apps that have the potential of saving you time, money and depending on who you are, have some entertainment value, too.

#1. Waze

Waze is a great, free alternative to similar apps like TomTom. This car app encourages crowdsourcing as a way to keep drivers informed of traffic jams and accidents in your local area. You can also initiate turn-by-turn voice activation and automatic rerouting in case of major backups or construction projects.

Download via: Google Play or the Apple App Store


#2. GasBuddy

GasBuddy helps drivers find the cheapest gas nearby. Users can filter gas stations by distance, price, amenities and/or brands. This car app also utilizes crowdsourcing by reward drivers for reporting gas prices to help others.

Download via: Google Play or the Apple App Store

#3. Spotify

Spotify is a popular music streaming service. This free app allows you to listen to any artist or album. Their subscription options offer offline listening and ad-free music. People like Spotify because you can create your own playlists and jam out during long road rides or commutes.

Download via: Google Play or the Apple App Store


#4. 2.0 is a mobile app for Blackberry or Android Smartphones. Download and set up this car app when parked and it will read your texts and emails aloud in real time. Through the app, you will also be able to respond without touching your mobile device. It can also read Facebook messages and Tweets.

Download via: Google Play

#5. Edmunds

Edmunds, a review and pricing app, has the most comprehensive vehicle research right at your fingertips. You have access to information from expert automotive editors and test drivers that deliver the latest car reviews, comparison,s and road tests.

Download via: Google Play or the Apple App Store

#6. Openbay

The Openbay app allows car owners to enter what service their car needs or describe any maintenance problems they are experiencing. Openbay will then get into contact with their network of professionals and request service offers on the customer’s behalf. You can also get quotes from nearby repair shops or schedule services.

Download via: Google Play or the Apple App Store


#7. Fuel Buddy

Do you like to track your driving and fuel habits? If so, this car app was made for you. The app adds up gas mileage and other service related costs for budgeting. Analyze your mileage habits, fuel economy, and other running costs. You can even sync the app across multiple devices.

Download via: Google Play

#8. Find My Car

If you go to the mall during the holiday season, you know that parking lots will be completely jam-packed. The Find My Car app will remember the GPS position or your car, hotel or any other designated location. It will show your current position in relation to your car on a map. You can even take a picture of your parking spot with the app if you are in an underground garage.

Download via: Google Play

#9. Adobe Photoshop Express

This car app is not only great for enthusiasts who enjoy taking glamour shots of their vehicle, but also people who go on road trips. You can easily crop, straighten, rotate, or flip photos. The app also allows you to enhance your photos in artistic ways and share them through your favorite social media sites.

Download via: Google Play or the Apple App Store


#10. TRED

You can sell your car for more through TRED. TRED avoids high overhead costs of dealerships and offers buyers a professional and dependable alternative to other sites like Craigslist. The steps are simple: take a picture of your car, TRED uses to them create a website featuring your vehicle, you’ll get pricing guidance and choose your list price and then you’ll go live in Autotrader and many more sites. Best of all, all buyers go through a screening process, so you’ll definitely be in good hands!

Download via: Google Play or the Apple App Store

Our list of the top car apps is only a few of the hundreds of applications available. Download and test them out for yourself. Help is only a few clicks away!

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