Top 11 Car Commercials: Part 2

In case you missed the first half of our car commercial rankings, you can find them here. Without further ado, our five favorites:

5. Big Day (Volkswagen Jetta VR6)

You might not be the right guy for dad, but that doesn’t mean you’re not the perfect guy for her. Does this make us want to drive a Jetta? Yeah, it kinda does.

[responsive_youtube X9X4nHLkcO4]

4. The Cog (Honda Accord)

The Cog took seven months and more than a million dollars to produce. It resulted in numerous advertising awards, 10,000 requests for Accord brochures, and more Honda web traffic in 24 hours than all but one other car brand received for the month. Pretty decent.

[responsive_youtube _ve4M4UsJQo]

3. Release Me (Saab 9-5)

We’ve all felt trapped, and time spent in the car grid-locking from one responsibility to the next doesn’t help. Saab wants to relieve that pressure, and Release Me makes it seem almost possible.

[responsive_youtube piDgTFaafNM]

2. Rethink American (Saturn Hybrids)

Rethink American is a brilliant pitch for longer term focus on family and planet that captures the spirit of a larger shift in priorities. Regardless of your affinity for the cars at the end of the add, it’s difficult to argue with the points made at the beginning.

[responsive_youtube JGOm8bCFBvo]

1. Imported from Detroit (Chrysler 200)

In the car world, the ‘Buy American” campaign stands on questionable footing, because if a car is domestically sourced, assembled and sold, what difference does it make whether it’s a Ford or a Toyota? The difference, Imported from Detroit points out, is not domestic, it’s civic. Detroit is what we must support because Detroit is the cradle of car making. The argument seems challengeable (specifically by Louisville, Toyota’s head of North American operations, or Spartanburg, global headquarters of BMW X Series manufacturing). Nonetheless, the Detroit-based Big Three (GM, Ford and Chrysler) are participating in an unexpected surge in US auto sales that is carrying a mini recovery in manufacturing heading into the fourth quarter of this year. So if Slim Shady can help get Detroit (and the US economy) back on its feet, we support him. And while we’re at it, Go Tigers!

[responsive_youtube SKL254Y_jtc]

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