Top Ten Car Chases: Part 2

If you missed our first installment of top car chases from movies of yore, get your priorities straight (and see it here). Alas, we bring home our five favorites. Hopefully you never find yourself in the same position as these heroes, but if you do, always remember to wear your safety belt, and to pull over. Because let’s be honest, local news helicopters have destroyed all chance of escape. Just ask O.J.

5. Death Proof

Quentin Tarantino doesn’t like CG, so he does the car chase with real drama, real stunts, real danger. How do you accomplish car chase drama in an era in which everything’s been done? Well, you prove that there’s plenty that hasn’t been done. Maybe that’s why Stunt Man Mike is smiling (warning, this one is graphic).

[responsive_youtube f0_SJEkjQxY]

4. The Matrix Reloaded

This action sequence is b-a-n-a-n-a-s. It has cars, trucks, bikes, swords, guns, knives, kung fu, Ray Bans, techno, a plot (pay attention Michael Bay!), The One, leather onesies, trustafarians, and the fate of the world in the balance. Thank you Wachowski Brothers, keep doing your thing.

[responsive_youtube WBWOnPI7j5s]

3. Bourne Supremacy

In Moscow, rusty taxis manhandle 6,000 pound G Wagons – that’s a fact. But more importantly, this scene scores points for best overall combination of editing, authentic driving, and mono e mono machismo (remember, the bad guy took a sniper rifle to Jason’s girlfriend’s medulla earlier in the saga).

[responsive_youtube NzfSLgWkTlY]

2. Blues Brothers

-It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we got full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark, and we’re wearing sunglasses.

-Hit it.

Enough said.

[responsive_youtube l1WpzrtQwI0]

1. Bullitt

The following notable technology events occurred in 1968: Hewlett Packard began marketing the world’s first personal computer, a lab at UCLA was selected to be the first node of the internet, and Jerry Yang (founder of Yahoo!) was born. In other words, it was impossible to CG your way to a great car chase. The two ‘68 Chargers and two ‘68 Mustangs used for this sequence required weeks of engine and suspension modifications to ready for the shoot, and they still fell apart (count the lost hubcaps). This scene won Bullitt an Academy Award for Film Editing, and raised the bar for all chases to come.

[responsive_youtube -Lbs_nYW3-o]

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