Top Ten Summer Cars

As July begins to wrap up, we can’t help but be ecstatic that summertime is here. Sun’s up, tops down – we know you’ve been enjoying it just as much as we have. From coastal highway cruises to camping trips, we’ve compiled a list of cars that are perfect for all of summer’s exploits.

1. Mini Cooper

Mini has a long history of being the “fun” car. Its model styling has changed over the decades, but the amusement that these little things provide has stayed the same. The Cooper convertible includes a 3-in-1 roof which allows numerous open-motoring options instead of just open or closed.



2. Ford Mustang

The 2015 convertible edition of the Ford Mustang was specifically built from top to bottom to accentuate it’s design. An independent rear suspension is equipped to limit body roll, making this car ideal for curvy highway roads. With the new low-inertia turbocharged engine, you’ll make it from Seattle to L.A. in no time.



3. Volkswagen Beetle

There’s no other car that paints a better picture of summer than the Beetle. Surfer boy or valley girl, the Beetle seems to suit a wide swath of summer enthusiasts. With plenty of seating room in the back, fill it with your friends or a large cooler to enjoy at the beach.



4. Jeep Wrangler

The classic openness of the Wrangler puts any driver and passengers in the mood for summer. With a built in skid plate and an optional Rock-Trac® 4WD system, the Wrangler begs to be driven on some extreme terrains. To keep style and utility balanced, Jeep equips the car with an overhead premium sound system and leather-wrapped steering wheel.



5. Nissan 370z

Being named as the best affordable driver’s car by many sources, the 370z lives up to it’s reputation. Packed with a 332-hp 3.7 L V6, the driver is constantly reminded of his/her connection to the road. Plus, the sound of the Z rolling through a street downtown isn’t too bad either.



6. Ford F-150

If you need to haul a tractor or a few horses, this truck will make it happen. Outperforming its competitors, the F-150 can tow up to 3,120 lbs. Summertime calls for trips to the lake and that boat isn’t going to move!




7.Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio

Little car, big power. The Fiat Abarth might as well be considered the world’s quickest go-kart that you can drive to work every day. No, you can’t fit your windsurfing gear in here but you can pick your three favorite friends to take on the track (by track, I mean road).



8. Toyota 4Runner

Beauty, brawn, and brains. The 4Runner utilizes everything that an adventure seeking family of five (or more) needs! If cookie cutter camping sites don’t suit your style, you’ve found your match with this car. With plenty of cargo room for your camping gear, your lengthy outdoor plans will easily be accommodated.



9. Subaru Outback

As Fido’s personal favorite, the Outback wears many hats. Don’t make the mistake of believing Subaru only shines in bad weather. A wide wheel-base and up to 33 highway MPG makes your woodsy road trip both sturdy and efficient. With innovative roof rails and a crossbar system, the Outback can carry up to 150 lbs. of equipment without lifting a finger.



10. Miata MX-5

It wouldn’t be right to complete this list without Mazda’s beloved Miata. This car’s character has grown to be iconic ever since it’s debut in the late 80’s. Sticking to sport car roots, the Miata is equipped with rear wheel drive and precise steering and handling. Unlike many competitors, Mazda has made this model affordable for anyone that simply seeks a good time.


There you have the top contenders… which one suits your easy summertime livin’?

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