TRED Customer Testimonial – Mike’s Honda Pilot

We’ve been lucky enough to receive a lot of inspiring feedback regarding our service. We’re driven by the positive notes from customers who have used us to not only experience a no hassle test driving experience from home but also to save time and money in the process. One customer has gone above and beyond for us, by offering to guest blog about his TRED experience.

Mike, a Seattle father of two and a VP with the Digital Marketing Agency R2integrated, decided it was time for a new car. With no time to invest in taking a test drive at his local dealership, he decided to try out TRED, a local car shopping startup he heard about on Twitter (sure, go ahead – follow us!). Here’s his story:


I heard about TRED through social media and thought it was a great idea. I love being the first to try new things, and I was casually looking to get a new car for my family, so I figured I’d try this new service out. It was incredibly easy to book a test drive through TRED. Being a busy dad, I kept putting off purchasing a vehicle due to time constraints. The fact that I could test drive a vehicle of my choice on the streets that I take every day was very appealing to me. During the test drive, I took my daughter to basketball practice with the TRED Auto Expert in the car. It was nice to complete the test drive on my own streets on my own schedule. TRED offered a realistic and relevant test drive on the streets I knew.

For me, the car buying experience isn’t typically a giant build up with a ton of research, so having the Auto Expert explain benefits of the car and a specific price point for the car was helpful. This helped us go into the dealer after the test drive with a specific cost in mind. What was especially helpful was TRED’s help with the trade-in value. They made sure we were prepared for the trade in with all necessary paperwork to get the best trade in value.

Although I knew the car that I wanted before even calling TRED, there is an incredible benefit to driving a car on your own turf. I can see an even more significant benefit for people who don’t know exactly what they want and this allows them to do side-by-side comparison test drives. It’s nice these buyers wouldn’t have to drive all around the city and go to a bunch of different dealers to drive various cars.


Mike and his family are now driving a brand new Honda Pilot, which fits their Seattle lifestyle perfectly. TRED sounds easy right? Well, it is! Test drive a new vehicle from home today!

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