Tred December Infographics

Happy 2014 Tred blog readers! It’s a brand new year full of possibilities, resolutions and infographics!

December was our biggest month yet.  From a brand perspective, Toyota continues to be our most requested name, followed by Honda, Ford, Mazda, Nissan and Subaru.  We also saw an uptick in luxury brand requests for the holidays – almost enough to push them on to the top brand rankings, but not quite.  I’m sure they made the top of someone’s Christmas list this year though!

From a demographics perspective, family test drive requests surged during the holidays.  Young professionals and Baby Boomers round out the top three demographics.

You can check out our fancy Pie Charts below.  Happy New Year everyone!

2014.1.1 Top Brands2014.1.1 Tred Customers

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