TRED Gift Guide for Car Lovers

Buying presents is easy when you know what your friends and family love. Foodies get restaurant vouchers or gourmet ingredients, fashionistas get the latest designer gear, car enthusiasts get… Cars? Only if your bank account is exceptionally healthy!

Take a look at this handy guide to making the car lovers in your life happy this holiday season.


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Nothing will make car fans happier than seeing their ride sparkle! If you’re thinking about car maintenance kits, make sure they’ll make your car lover’s eyes light up.

We can’t get enough of Mazerna’s high-end car polishing products – they give a spectacular finish that lasts. Smart Wax create polishes that not only make cars look great, they also smell amazing (think leather, coconut, and bubblegum). Lexol’s products have long been favorites of auto restorers and professionals who want to keep leather interiors clean, well conditioned, and protected.

If letting someone else do the hard work is more your loved one’s thing, surprise them with a gift card to a great mechanic or local car wash. Treat them to the works!


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There are everyday car accessories, and then there are top of the range accessories that you’d be overjoyed to receive at Christmas. These special gifts will let your loved ones know how much you care.

If your car enthusiast’s trunk is looking slightly worse for wear, a cargo liner would be the perfect gift for them. InPelle sell branded leather car liners, correctly sized for each model of car that’s available. They cost a few hundred dollars, but they’re worth every penny. (If you want to push the boat out, InPelle also sell branded leather floor mats.)

Check out this page of winter driving accessories from Auto Anything and put together a bespoke kit to keep your friends and family safe, no matter how bad the weather.

Mercedes-Benz owners are used to the best, so keep them happy with not just one, but four beautiful in-car fragrances. The Air Balance package has four high-quality fragrances. Special airflow tubes deliver the scent into the car, as well as enhancing air quality. This gift will mean a trip to your nearest dealership, but we’re sure that the lucky recipient won’t complain!


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There are so many gadgets for cars on the market, take a minute and consider what your loved one would really want. Would they actually use it? Make it a gift they truly appreciate by giving it a little thought.

The clever JumPack takes two car essentials and brings them together in one handy gadget. This compact box not only jump starts your car, it also allows you to charge your mobile devices. This isn’t just a gift for car enthusiasts, we recommend it for all car owners. For the more budget-conscious, the Storm Trooper USB car charger is sure to win a smile from all Star Wars fans!

This is the age of the ‘smart house’, where we’re used to being in charge of pretty much every aspect of our home using our smartphone. Why not control your garage too? With the MyQ Garage app, you can ensure your garage bay is safe and secure, wherever you are.

If you know someone who enjoys nothing more than tinkering with cars, they’ll jump for joy when you present them with the Blue Driver – an affordable scanner that connects to the car’s OBD-II port, then sends information to the user’s smartphone.

Parents-to-be can buy their baby a very special gift this season with the Evenflo Advanced Embrace DLX Infant Car Seat. Distractions and tiredness can make it all too easy for parents to make understandable mistakes. The smart chest clip on this car seat communicates with the driver to notify them if the clip is unbuckled during transit. It also chimes gently on arrival at destination to remind them the baby is in the car.

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Coolest Car Toys

Think car, and the chances are, you’ll think Lego. This is the entire range of Lego cars, suitable for age one to 12 and over, for those with a budget anywhere from $4 to $200. Enjoy!

Mini car enthusiasts (and the not-so-mini!) will have a blast saving the world from mega-disasters with a Matchbox car. Check out the website for an idea of the exciting toys that are available.

The Barbie Jeep has been a favorite of young car lovers for years. For a truly special holiday season, you can’t go wrong with the Power Wheels Barbie Jammin’ Jeep. Your child will love giving their friends and siblings a ride in their very own small-person-sized jeep. Complete with radio, this is the gift to buy to make it a Christmas to remember.


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Have you any tricky car-loving family or friends to buy for this season? Get in contact on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll see what we can come up with!

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