TRED-ing New Waters…(or Streets)

A wise mentor once told me that once you’re in the auto industry, you never leave. Well…he was right. Or perhaps he said once you’re in, you’re “stuck.”  Regardless, I’d like to point out that I’m here, [very enthusiastically] by choice.  For the last decade I’ve been immersed in the male-dominated world of automotive retailing. It all began with an innovative start-up that pioneered “upstream remarketing.” Next, I pursued a slew of positions that involved automotive consumer marketing, consulting, and training dealership personnel on new cars and technology on behalf of the auto manufacturers. And last but definitely not least, which is what brought me to TRED, I founded, “a community by for and about women and the car business.” Now, you may ask, how do the two correlate and why did I become a TRED-setter? Because I want to make car buying easier and more transparent for women, and I believe TRED is on the right track.

Here’s some food for thought:

  1. 54% of car buyers are women;
  2. 80% of car purchases are influenced by women;
  3. Women are disproportionately unhappy with the car buying process.

We make up the majority of the car buying public. That being said, I feel there is a place for me to particularly connect with women. More importantly, so many of us are busy– families, kids, careers, shopping & socializing (just because you don’t have kids, doesn’t mean you’re not busy), but you get the point.  We like to pretend we’re superwomen– (or “people,” not to be exclusive), but sometimes it’s nice to have convenience at our fingertips.  We never seem to have enough hours in the day, so it’d be nice to shave off a few hours when car shopping, no?  As to convenience–  try out the car seats or the golf clubs at home.  You know it’s crucial for them to fit in your new ride, (well, at least the car seats are a priority though some may beg to differ.)  Do you really want to lug all of that with you to a dealership?  Let TRED bring the cars to YOU to try on for size.  And then, just as they say “if the shoe fits, buy it”, well if the car fits, then drive it….with TRED.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 5.25.21 PM Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 5.25.03 PM

On this blog, I’ll be commenting, observing and “demystifying” the car biz – from buying to selling, servicing and vending, all from my perspective as a woman, and an automotive industry-insider. I’m here to share my thoughts, opinions, and provide useful car-related info.  And most importantly, I’m here to answer your questions– not only about TRED, but about all-things automotive, so feel free to email me at  Help me, help you, ladies and gentlemen.  Go ahead, hit me up!  I always do enjoy a good conversation…..

I invite you to buckle up and join me for the ride!

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