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The planet is warming. I know it. You know it (if you don’t know it, watch Vice: Season 1, Episode 8). Whether we agree that humans cause global warming is another matter. However, if we acknowledge that there’s a greater than 0% probability that humans affect climate change (which is 95% likely, according to the latest study from the IPCC), then surely we can agree that humans should try to reverse the damage.

With TRED, our initial intent was to make car distribution greener by creating a custom order industry (‘we don’t make it ’till you order it’ would mean less inventory parked in high-density cities). However, a year ago we switched our immediate focus from custom ordering to home delivery of test drives.

While we’re thrilled to make test driving cars super convenient, the extra mileage we save shoppers by not requiring them to visit dealerships still gets driven by TRED staff – since launching last summer, this fact has been a fly in our ointment, a hitch in our giddy-up, a beef in our crew. In other words, we’ve been noodling ways to get more committed to the environment, and in the process, we’ve noticed that car companies are making exciting strides on the green front (they must subscribe to HBO too). In fact, driven by increased regulatory standards and incentives, by falling costs of green technologies, and by increased consumer demand, car makers are building more hybrid, electric and fuel-cell vehicles than ever before. They’re just not being built or purchased quickly or cheaply enough for our liking. We’ve decided to do something about it.

The TRED Lightly program means that you can test drive any hybrid, electric or fuel cell vehicle from your home or office, with no sales pressure, and no obligation to buy – for free. Check out our super sweet promo video to learn more.

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