TRED November Infographics

Hello TRED community.  Monthly update time is upon us.  As the Emerald City flirts will snow flurries, we’re seeing a steady uptick in shoppers looking at SUVs and Trucks.  And as more shoppers share the word about TRED, we’re seeing test drive volume grow at a very aggressive rate – November was our biggest month yet, by a long shot.  Someone, please pass the Aleve.

photo (16)

The following charts show our top driven brands since launch, and our customer types since launch.  Toyota, Honda and Ford are all seeing slight losses in test drive share as other brands make inroads this winter – most notably Subaru.  This month also saw a 10%+ increase in our percentage of “Gen Y” shoppers, and a slight increase in our percentage of “Family” shoppers.  Enjoy!   🙂

2013.12.1 Top Makes





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