TRED Setter Challenge: Part 2

Everybody’s done it… You’re driving home from work and stuck in traffic. The perfect song comes on the radio, and suddenly it’s karaoke showtime. For the next three minutes surrounding drivers aren’t sure whether you’re calling for help or having a seizure, but you don’t notice. All you care about is accurately reproducing the Thriller dance within the confines of your Corolla and hitting MJ’s high notes like the superstar that you are. Then you actually make eye contact with the driver next to you who’s giving you the ‘Judgey Mc-Judgerson’ look, and the gig is up…until you get two car lengths up the road.

It’s time to put your Idol-worthy karaoke skills to work in Part 2 of our TRED Setter Challenge. This installment asks you to get in your car and film your best, worst, funniest, and most awesome karaoke performance, with the winner taking home Free Gas for a Year. Here’s a clip for inspiration:

The contest details:

1. Take an awesome karaoke video;

2. Share video via social media (Vine, Instagram) and be sure to include #TRED and #carkaraoke in the title;

3. Visit the TRED Setter Contest to see your entry;

4. Win free gas for a year!

If you need to recruit Facebook friends to join for your shoot:

1. Visit TRED Setter Contest, and log in using Facebook;

2. Click ‘Invite Friends’ or ‘Post this to your wall’ and click to invite who you want.

That’s it – we look forward to judging your pipes!

*This contest has ended. Please visit for other car-related fun.

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