Trick or Treat! Dressing Your Car Up for Halloween


Call me a big kid, but I love dressing up at Halloween! Putting together the costume, researching clever make-up ideas, and then seeing the finished product: it’s great! Why not take the Halloween fun one step further and kit your car out too? Check out these great ideas.


Let me out! An arm sticking out of the trunk is a classic but it never fails to raise a smile! Ramp things up a gear by putting smeared red handprints over the trunk using washable kid’s paint.

Going for a Drive with the Fremont Troll. This is one for people who like a challenge. Using papier-mâché, create a replica of the Fremont Troll’s head and shoulders and attach him to your car roof. Paint some kitchen rolls grey, stick them together, add (grey) hands from the joke store onto the end, and attach them so they’re running length-ways along the roof.

lamp-halloween-lantern-pumpkin Pexels

Pumpkin-ify Your Car. This is an easy one for anyone with an orange car (especially the VW Beetle). Just get some magnetic jack o’lantern shapes (three triangles and one spooky grinning pumpkin mouth), stick them onto your car door, and you’re ready to go!

Someone’s Sitting on the Back Seat… Ever felt you’re not alone? You won’t be with a life-sized skeleton sitting on the back seat! Strap it in using the seatbelt or attach them to the window to give other road users a fright.

Arachnophobia. Send shivers up the spines of people who don’t like spiders by covering your car in craft store spiderwebs (making sure you don’t compromise visibility) and topping it off with a huge plastic spider stuck on the roof. The bigger the spider, the more effective this will be.

car-superhero-symbol-batman Pixabay

Cozy Coupes at Halloween. This is an entire blog on its own, but we didn’t want the kids to be left out! Most families have a Cozy Coupe so why not kit it out this year and involve the kids? You could paint it orange and stick pumpkin decals on it; paint it black and include Batman logos on the doors to make it into the Caped Crusader’s car; or transform it into Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine (green sides, blue roof, groovy flower decal and ‘Mystery Machine’ sticker on the side). The possibilities are endless!

seattle-958987_1280 pixabay

Seahawks’ Number One Fan. This one is about proudly displaying your love for your favorite team. Using green stripes on the roof, blue headlights and hawk decals on the car doors, transform your car into a moving tribute to the Seattle Seahawks.

Go Washington Huskies! If flags and bumper stickers just aren’t enough, why not spray paint your car gold, add purple paw prints over the doors and trunk, and stick a big husky decal on the hood? A soft toy mascot sitting inside the car will finish it off perfectly (and make you the envy of other die-hard fans!).


Have you decorated your car out for Halloween or any other festival? Tweet us a photo: we’d love to see it!


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