Top 10 Used Cars Under $15,000

More lease returns in 2016 have made the used car market more attractive to consumers than ever before. Below we review our pick of top used cars under $15,000. And will only get better with time. By buying used, you save tons of money and let’s be honest, we are all just trying to get from Point A to Point B. You want a car that is reliable, safe and doesn’t break the bank. But the process of finding that perfect ride can feel overwhelming with so many options to choose from. We’ve researched far and wide to compile a list of the best, used cars under $15,000 because we know not everyone has the luxury of buying new.

top used cars under $15,000

So, in not particular order, here are our top 10 picks for used cars under $15,000:

#1 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

MPG 41/36 | avg. price paid $11,996 | MSRP $27,950

Highights: excellent fuel economy, spacious, high-quality interior, good safety scores


#2 2010 Toyota Prius

MPG 51/48 | avg. price paid $10,348-$12,495 |MSRP $22,800-$28,070

Highlights: excellent fuel economy and huge cargo space


#3 2012 Mazda3

MPH 28/40 | avg. price paid $7,875-$9,452 | MSRP $15,000-$24,200

Highlights: great value for the money, reliable and comfy


#4 2010 Lincoln MKZ

MPG 18/27 | $11,816-$13,052 | MSRP $34,225-$36,115

Highlights: high-quality car, comfortable ride and exceptional safety scores


#5 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid

MPG 41/36 | avg. price paid $10,849 | MSRP $28,180

Highlights: outstanding fuel economy and fun to drive2011-mercury-milan-hybrid

#6 2011 Chevrolet Malibu

MPG 22/33 | avg. price paid $10,302-$12,222 | MSRP $21,975-$27,165

Highights: outstanding safety scores and spacious


#7 2013 Nissan Altima

MPG 27/38 | avg. price paid $14,224-$19.084 | MSRP $21,760-$30,560

Highlights: smooth transitioning, great fuel economy and good handling


#8 2013 Honda Fit

MPG 28/35 | avg. price paid $12,978-$16,234 | MSRP $15,425-$19,970

Highlights: adaptable cargo, fun to drive and, surprisingly, lots of legroom


#9 2013 Kia Soul

MPG 25/30 | avg. price paid $11,215-$14,436 | MSRP $14,400-$19,900

Highlights: easy to park and heaps of cargo space


#10 2007 Toyota Highlander

MPG 22/28 | avg. price paid $8,356-$12,594 | MSRP $23,940-32,210

Highlights: excellent safety and crash test ratings, reliable and comfortably seats 4-5



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