Volvo Gets Sexy

And it’s finally revealed…. the sexy and sophisticated new Volvo Concept Coupe.  Yes, I am referring to Volvo, and the coupe is set to make it’s debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.  Designed in-house, by Volvo’s new Senior VP of Design, Thomas Ingenlath, the vehicle is sort of a modern take on the the P1800 coupe of the 1960’s.

According to Volvo, this is “the first out of three concept cars that points out the new design direction” for the brand.  The terms “sexy” and/or “sophisticated” never came to mind before when I thought of Volvo, but I have to say, I definitely like the direction in which they’re heading.  I’m on board.

[responsive_youtube efiPbdNyhTc]

What do you think, ladies and gentlemen?
For more pics and info, here’s the article from our friends at Jalopnik.

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