What Are TRED Customers Test Driving?

Our Auto Experts have delivered a lot of test drives to the Seattle area. Everyone is unique and seeks different features when it comes to a car – but, we have noticed a handful of cars that our shoppers can’t wait to get behind the wheel of.

Mazda Mazda3

Mazda’s compact car grabs the attention of a variety of drivers. Whether it’s for your teen’s first car or a busy professional, it seems to suit everyone’s requirements, taste and most importantly, budget. The Mazda3 is available in a sedan and hatchback style, leaving plenty of room to decide what’s best for you. Starting at only $17,500 – Mazda’s SkyActiv technology allows you to “zoom-zoom” and still get a combined 32 MPG.


Nissan Leaf

The idea of never having to stop at a gas station feels nice and a lot of our customers want to make that dream a reality. The all-electric Leaf has a current range of 84 miles and starts at $27,790. Although it’s small, our customers have reported that it has a sufficient amount of room for daily driving and enough “oomph” to get up tough hills. If you need to see some numbers, check out Nissan’s Savings Calculator.


Toyota Highlander

As The Muppet’s say, “we ain’t got no room for boring.” The kids love it, the parents love it and it’ll definitely fit all of your little ones, up to eight! Most of our customers love the comfort the Highlander provides but still maintains a sleek and fresh interior. Starting at $28,970, it’s reasonable and capable of keeping up with your busy family.

highlander collage

Acura MDX

At $41,247, the MDX delivers the functions of an SUV but doesn’t hold back on the luxury and power of a sedan. Our shoppers have enjoyed the refined interior and third-row seating, which collectively make the MDX a complete package.

mdx collage

Mazda CX-5

Lastly, but definitely not least is the Mazda CX-5. We hear nothing but positive feedback during our test drives with customers when it comes to the CX-5. Relatively new in the crossover genre, Mazda has done a great job with the design that appeals to almost anyone. Value and versatility are what sets this CUV apart from the rest. Test drivers often mention, “It doesn’t feel like I’m driving an SUV, it feels like a sedan.” The CX-5 begins at a humble $21,395.



If you want to test drive these yourself and see what the hype is about, schedule your drive today. Or feel free to be a TRED setter and try something different – happy car shopping!

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