What’s Your Parking Personality?

Are you a perfect parker? Or more of a “Meh, that’ll do… they can drive around me” type? Take our quiz to find out!


who was here first pixabay

There’s absolutely nowhere to park, except that space which probably isn’t a space… Do you: 

a)      Drive right in: it’s a space, why on earth hasn’t it been snapped up?
b)      Switch into stalker mode and drive around until you see someone who looks like they’re leaving then follow them ever-so-slightly-creepily to their car?
c)      Leave and go somewhere else. You can come back another time when it’s less busy.


outside shop pixabay

You just need to dash into the store to pick up one teeny tiny little thing. Do you:

a)      Park as close to the door as humanly possible (if there was a space inside the store you’d take it)?

b)      Find a convenient spot reasonably nearby?

c)      Leave lots of space around in case parents with young children or the elderly might need a convenient place to park? After all, what’s a mile-long walk between friends?


parking on footpath wikimedia must be attributed see word doc

(Reproduced under Creative Commons licence from Wikimedia: ow.ly/SSHsA. Author: Violentbob at en.Wikipedia)

You have a dilemma. There aren’t any conventional spaces, but there IS a thoroughfare that’s perfect for your car. Do you:

a)      Leave your car and walk off quickly hoping you haven’t been seen. It’s not your fault there aren’t enough spaces, and at least you left that space so pedestrians could get through…

b)      Think about it briefly, but decide it’s not worth the shame of ending up on a ‘terrible parking’ blog.

c)      Not even consider it. Disgraceful behavior!


abandoned parking pixabay

Crisis! You’ve just realized you’ve left your wallet in the shop! Do you: 

a)      Abandon the car and sprint off to retrieve it without a second’s thought?

b)      Look for the nearest place to park and run back to the shop?

c)      Remain in the car, phone the shop to confirm your wallet’s still there and tell them you’ll be over soon.


double parked wikimedia need to attribute it see word document

(Reproduced under Creative Commons licence from Wikimedia: ow.ly/SSH6G. Author: Pretzelpaws at en.Wikipedia)

You’re driving along and you see this (see the photo above). What do you think? 

a)      Nice example of thinking outside the box. High five!

b)      Not great, but maybe it was an emergency and they had no choice?

c)      Awful! Let me find my phone and contact the police!


What’s the verdict?

Mostly As: You’re a parking nightmare! You’ve probably already featured on a few of those parking blogs!

Mostly Bs: You like to make like easier for yourself, but not at the expense of others. Secretly, you kind of admire people who break the rules without a thought, but you’d never do it yourself.

Mostly Cs: You’re a parking angel! You know the rules in the Driver’s Handbook so well you could (and probably do) recite them.


Just for fun… Have you seen any parking failures? Take a photo and tweet it to us using #parkingfail (remember to blank out the driver’s registration plate!).


not just cars pixabay

P.S. It’s not just drivers who have parking issues, you know…

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