Who Do You Trust To Develop Self-Driving Cars?

Who do you trust to develop self-driving cars?  Tech companies like Google?  Automakers like BMW?  Electric car companies like Tesla?  Consumer product companies like Samsung or Apple?  Carinsurance.com recently asked consumers just that, and here’s how people responded:

  • “I’d trust an automaker over a tech company” – 54%
  • “I’d trust Tesla” – 18%
  • “I’d trust a tech company” – 15%
  • “I’d trust a consumer product company” – 12%

Consumers were also asked about the economical advantages of self-driving cars, and specifically whether they would consider one if it saved them money on car insurance. Nine out of 10 survey respondents said they’d consider buying a self-driving car if it meant that they’d pay significantly less on car insurance.  That’s a powerful statistic, because the research suggests that owners of these cars will pay a lot less on car insurance.

According to a recent study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 95% of car accidents are caused by human error, and per Google’s Sebastian Thrun, self-driving vehicles could reduce accidents as much as 90%.  These two stats suggest high pending demand for self-driving cars; they also spell thousands of lives saved every year.

Technology is not only changing the way we shop for cars, it’s also changing the way we drive cars.  If you’re in the market to buy a new car, the “self-driving” version isn’t available yet – but it’s almost certainly coming in your lifetime.  For the time being, you can make your car shopping experience awesome by test driving from your doorstep with us!

Click here to learn more about the survey.

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