Who’s the Boss? Luxury SUVs and the 2014 BMW X5

Who’s the Boss now?

After being outsold by the Mercedes-Benz M-class, the BMW X Series team has upped the ante with the 2014 X5; or as they like to call it, “The Boss.”

Introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the revamped X5 features advanced technology such as night vision, and a self-parking option. For eco-conscious dwellers, there’s talk of a plug-in hybrid version for 2015. The demand for SUV’s continues to increase worldwide, and BMW aims to defend its position as the #1 luxury-car brand in the world over rivals Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes recently launched its 2014 GLA compact to rival BMW’s X1, and over the next eight years the Mercedes folks intend to roll out 13 new models. In terms of current luxury SUV bragging rights, BMW tops the charts, having sold 1.05 million rigs worldwide, followed closely by Audi at 1.02 million and Mercedes at a shade under one million. There’s also chatter that none other than Rolls-Royce may join the SUV party. Was Thurston Howell a skier? Who knows.

The new X5 will be available for a test drive from your doorstep this November. Until then, you can test drive a 2013 X5 from your doorstep, and you can learn more about the 2014 X5 at Automotive News.


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