Why is My Car Getting No Responses Online?  

You’ve taken the photos, shared info, and… Nothing. Everyone seems to be selling cars online these days, why isn’t yours winning any interest? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll take you through the steps to selling your car quickly online (and getting a good price).

Whatever you do, DON’T do this!

Nothing is more off-putting to potential buyers than writing ‘email for pictures’ in your ad. As any salesperson will tell you, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. But, before you get your camera out, it’s time to get scrubbing. The car needs to be spotless inside and out. A dirty engine can suggest the car has been poorly maintained, so a nice touch is to clean the engine using a low pressure washer (just make sure to protect all delicate parts beforehand!). If you’re looking for clever, inexpensive ways to get your car extra clean, or to fix niggling wear-and-tear issues before selling, take a look at our blog 15 Car Hacks for Your Next Ride. Tred selling car photos Release your inner Annie Leibovitz

It might sound corny, but imagine you’re selling a lifestyle rather than a car. Use a carefully composed photo to show buyers the kinds of trips they could enjoy if they bought your car. A shot in front of a park or other beautiful scenery is a nice idea. Take photos of the front, both sides and back. Don’t cut off any part of the car as this suggests you’re trying to hide it. Next, consider what other part of the car buyers are likely to be interested in. You’ll need to get shots of:

  • Front cabin of the car to show driver’s seat, seating wheel and dials
  • Interior of each door to show they aren’t scuffed and the speakers are unbroken
  • Each window to show they aren’t chipped
  • Engine
  • Every wheel

Houston, we’ve got a problem

It’s likely that your car does have some chips or scuffs. You have a choice: fix them now or notify buyers about them. Whatever you decide, taking photos is necessary. There’s no point hiding them as buyers will see them anyway when they come to view. If any photos do show elements that need attention, place these lower in the ad. Tred selling car writing ad Do you know how to write a good car ad?

If there’s no interest in your car and it’s in reasonably good condition, the issue could be that your ad needs a little work. Have you provided enough information? Be sure to include:

  • Year
  • Make and model
  • Mileage
  • Manual or automatic transmission
  • If you have full-service records
  • Number of prior owners
  • Any optional extras
  • Details of any major repairs
  • Aftermarket parts
  • Reason for selling

Avoid vague statements like “runs well”. Realistically the buyer will make their own mind up when they test drive the car. If you want to show that the car is in good mechanical condition, be specific.

Are you willing to negotiate? If not, write FIRM after stating the price.

Hiding the truth is counterproductive

If there’s a serious or obvious problem with the car, you have to mention it. Don’t make it a feature of the car, but don’t hide it either. Small issues don’t need to be included in your write-up – these will be shown in your photos and can be discussed when the buyer contacts you. Buying a car involves an element of trust – if you’re discovered to have hidden faults, it casts doubt on everything else you have written and ultimately you’re unlikely to sell the car. Being as honest and positive as possible increases the chances you have of selling and getting a fair price. Tred sell car online easy Sounds like a lot of work

It is. Even if you keep your car pretty clean, it’ll take some serious elbow grease to get it pristine inside and out. Taking the right photos can be time consuming and writing a professional ad takes practise (then there’s knowing where to post it online). Meeting strangers to take them for test drives isn’t how most of us like to spend our precious free time either.

That’s why TRED is the best option for anyone selling a car. We handle all marketing – one of our professionals will take at least 100 photos, carry out a 150-point vehicle inspection to increase buyer confidence and suggest a pricing strategy. We’ll compose a detailed ad (including a CARFAX report) and list it on Autotrader, Car Gurus, TRED and more. There’s no need to worry about meeting strangers for test drives – we take care of all of that (and will return the car to you when the drive has finished). All you have to do is accept or reject bids online. We even wire the money to you, collect the keys and complete all paperwork. It couldn’t be easier or safer!

If you’d like to find out more, check out our website. If you have any questions, our team are ready and waiting to answer them right now on our live chat (it will pop up in the corner of the screen when you’re on our website), or you can contact us here.

Sell your car for thousands more than Craigslist or the dealer with TRED. Sell my car

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