Why Washington Loves Their Subarus

Subaru’s sales in the auto market have been sky rocketing for some time now, but let’s take a look at why they’re clearly Seattle’s favorite.

For a make that has no minivan or truck and still surpasses many of its competitors, there are definitely some staple characteristics that keep everyone satisfied.  Along with not having a luxury model or a hybrid that really blows anyone’s mind, Subaru sure is doing something right.  They have managed to capture the mainstream audience’s attention, as well as the enthusiasts, ranging from serious hiking trips to down n’ dirty rallying.  As a new car buyer, the notable price range of $20,000 – $30,000 is very appealing as well.  The total package.  All-wheel drive, dependable boxer engines, and visually attractive options are a few of the fundamental offerings. The Subaru line-up includes a variety of vehicles to suit any driver’s needs and wants – all models equipped with safety, quality, and ease on the wallet.

Subaru Love

Eh, Seattle isn’t exactly the off-road capital of the world, but our locals sure do like to stay prepared.  A perhaps twice a year snow day is enough of a possibility for the average family to purchase their new Legacy instead of a front-wheel drive option.  A Subaru is a security blanket for many, whether they’re trekking through a Seattle rain storm, heading to the mountains, or simply climbing the ever-so-treacherous Queen Anne hill.

Happy car shopping!

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