Why You Make More Money When You Sell Your Car with TRED

If you live in Seattle you’ve probably heard by now that selling with TRED is easy. But if you’ve never sold a car with us, how do you know you’re actually getting a good deal?

In fact, there are some very practical, very deliberate reasons why selling your car with TRED puts more money in your pocket. We should know, we built them right into our business model! We charge a flat rate to sell your car, and you get a great deal. Then you pass the word along to your friends, and we grow. In other words, getting you the best deal for your car is literally our business, and it greatly benefits us to be protective of our sellers and our buyers (ie. you).

So here are the nuts and bolts: this is exactly why you make more money when you sell with TRED.

  1. Our team lists your car for you. We distribute professional-quality listings across all the most effective classified sites and search sites for used car buyers. We have a wealth of experience in listing cars that get sold. We also have membership to sites that you might not know about, expanding the range of who’s seeing your car.
  2. We prep your car to sell. We have a lot of experience in prepping and photographing cars that people want to buy—we know exactly what to do to bring out the best in your car.
  3. We help buyers with financing. This means that buyers win, because they can afford a better car, and you win, because you can get a good price for your car.
  4. Sellers are guaranteed a quality car based on our 150-point inspection. Our standard inspection will locate any issues or potential problems with any car that comes through TRED, meaning that our buyers know they’re getting quality (and it’s worth paying a bit more for that peace of mind).
  5. We offer warranties. Because of our thorough inspection of all TRED vehicles, we can provide warranties that keep buyers safe—again, worth paying a bit more for.
  6. We help with pricing. We don’t want our sellers OR buyers to get taken for a ride, so we provide guidance to sellers on pricing vehicles. This helps to ensure you don’t undersell your car. However, ultimately the choice of what price to accept is entirely yours.
  7. We offer buyers 7-day buy-back protection and we pay for repurchases. We’re doing our best to take the scary factor out of making a big purchase, offering buy-back protection so that buyers have minimal risk.
  8. Nobody can pressure you to sell. Because the TRED dashboard gives you lots of bids in one tidy space, it removes the pressure to sell to any one buyer on the spot, which is often how sellers get a bad deal.

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